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SENIOR RSDE - Microsoft Research AI

Job Type
Full Time
Redmond, WA

Are you excited by AI and intelligent devices? Join Microsoft Research AI and invent the next generation of AI on the Edge. Microsoft Research AI (MSR AI) is among the world’s leading AI research labs. Our engineers and researchers work together to develop cutting edge AI and machine learning techniques, tools, and algorithms. We believe that today’s emerging AI technologies will impact our lives more than any previous computer technology and that innovation on core AI technologies gives Microsoft a key advantage in a highly competitive industry.

MSR AI is leading Microsoft’s push into “Edge AI”, by developing new AI technologies that are tailored for resource-constrained environments, such as phones, IoT devices, wearables and intelligent gadgets, and other small mobile platforms. Our flagship project in this area is ELL, a highly optimized AI cross-compiler, built especially for on-device embedded AI. The ELL framework enables developers and tech enthusiasts to run deep neural networks, and other ML models, in real time, on small devices, for AI workloads such as computer vision, audio keyword detection, and activity recognition. If you strive to innovate in an area where the competition is heating up, and are passionate about delivering advances in AI directly into real users? hands, join our team and help us invent the future of AI. If you have strong core engineering skills, work well in a collaborative team environment, adapt and learn quickly, and have a track record of delivering results, we’re looking for you.

In MSR AI, you will work with Microsoft’s leading experts in AI and ML, and quickly become an expert yourself.

Responsibilities include:
• Develop high-quality, modern, cross-platform C++ code that enables users to deploy AI pipelines onto small devices
• Design infrastructure that is versatile, highly optimized, and runs on a heterogeneous set of devices.
• Work closely with researchers to implement new AI techniques and algorithms
• Create end-to-end solutions that showcase the value of our new embedded AI technologies
• Work with our internal/external partners to incorporate AI components into their systems

Basic Qualifications:
• 5+ years’ experience writing elegant and well-designed C++ code
• BS degree in Computer Science or 8+ years’ work experience

Preferred Qualifications:
• Excellent at debugging / diagnosing native code
• Excited to learn and grow, not intimidated by math or by reading research papers
• Thrives in a collaborative team environment
• Experience in low-level programming, real-time programming, and low-level code optimization
• Familiarity with Unix toolchains and tools and cross-platform programming
• Experience and interest in the Open-Source community
• Experience in helping developers write better code faster by creating tools and processes
• Experience with maker skills, microcontrollers, sensors, or electronics…

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