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Reimagine Procrastination: Music Preference and Health Habits as Factors on Self-Perceived Procrastination of Young People.

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Shu Wei

As the buzzword phenomenon, procrastination holds a continued need for acomprehensive examination of its nature and the associated factors. Thepresented study explores the potential relationship between music taste, lifestyle and the youngsters' procrastination through quantitative modelling. Tohandle the big set of survey statistics and the uncertainty caused by the datamissingness, the combined methods of factor analysis, multiple imputation (MI)and Ordered logit regression are employed. The result reveals that the musicpreference for Hip-hop, AlternativeR and Opera have a significant effect onprocrastination. Concerning the living habits, the eating habit and localauthority (city/rural) also yield strong connection to the self-perceivedprocrastination. Implications for this procrastination research is discussed.

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