A Patterns Based Approach for Design of Educational Technologies.

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Sridhar Chimalakonda, Kesav V. Nori

Instructional design is a fundamental base for educational technologies as itlays the foundation to facilitate learning and teaching based on pedagogicalunderpinnings. However, most of the educational technologies today face twocore challenges in this context: (i) lack of instructional design as a basis(ii) lack of support for a variety of instructional designs. In order toaddress these challenges, we propose a patterns based approach for design ofeducational technologies. This is in contrast with existing literature thatfocuses either on patterns in education or in software, and not both. The coreidea of our approach is to leverage patterns for modeling instructional designknowledge and to connect it with patterns in software architecture. We discussdifferent categories of patterns in instructional design. We then present thenotion of Pattern-Oriented Instructional Design (POID) as a way to modelinstructional design as a connection of patterns (GoalPattern, ProcessPattern,ContentPattern) and integrate it with Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture(POSA) based on fundamental principles in software engineering. We demonstrateour approach through adult literacy case study (287 million learners, 22 IndianLanguages and a variety of instructional designs). The results of our approach(both web and mobile versions) are available at this http URL and wereadopted by National Literacy Mission Authority of Government of India.

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