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A diffusion generated method for computing Dirichlet partitions.

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Dong Wang, Braxton Osting

A Dirichlet $k$-partition of a closed $d$-dimensional surface is a collectionof $k$ pairwise disjoint open subsets such that the sum of their firstLaplace-Beltrami-Dirichlet eigenvalues is minimal. In this paper, we develop asimple and efficient diffusion generated method to compute Dirichlet$k$-partitions for $d$-dimensional flat tori and spheres. For the $2d$ flattorus, for most values of $k=3$-9,11,12,15,16, and 20, we obtain hexagonalhoneycombs. For the $3d$ flat torus and $k=2,4,8,16$, we obtain the rhombicdodecahedral honeycomb, the Weaire-Phelan honeycomb, and Kelvin's tessellationby truncated octahedra. For the $4d$ flat torus, for $k=4$, we obtain aconstant extension of the rhombic dodecahedral honeycomb along the fourthdirection and for $k=8$, we obtain a 24-cell honeycomb. For the $2d$ sphere, wealso compute Dirichlet partitions for $k=3$-7,9,10,12,14,20. Our computationalresults agree with previous studies when a comparison is available. As far aswe are aware, these are the first published results for Dirichlet partitions ofthe $4d$ flat torus.

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