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Design and software implementation of subsystems for creating and using the ontological base of a research scientist.

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O. V. Palagin, K. S. Malakhov, V. Yu. Velichko, O. S. Shurov

Creation of the information systems and tools for scientific research anddevelopment support has always been one of the central directions of thedevelopment of computer science. The main features of the modern evolution ofscientific research and development are the transdisciplinary approach and thedeep intellectualisation of all stages of the life cycle of formulation andsolution of scientific problems. The theoretical and practical aspects of thedevelopment of perspective complex knowledge-oriented information systems andtheir components are considered in the paper. The analysis of existingscientific information systems (or current research information systems, CRIS)and synthesis of general principles of design of the research and developmentworkstation environment of a researcher and its components are carried out inthe work. The functional components of knowledge-oriented information systemresearch and development workstation environment of a researcher are designed.Designed and developed functional components of knowledge-oriented informationsystem developing research and development workstation environment,includingfunctional models and software implementation of the software subsystem forcreation and use of ontological knowledge base for research fellowpublications, as part of personalized knowledge base of scientific researcher.Research in modern conditions of e-Science paradigm requires pooling scientificcommunity and intensive exchange of research results that may be achievedthrough the use of scientific information systems. research and developmentworkstation environment allows to solve problems of contructivisation andformalisation of knowledge representation, obtained during the research processand collective accomplices interaction.

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