Medical Volume Reconstruction Techniques.

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Wenhui Zhang

Medical visualization is the use of computers to create 3D images frommedical imaging data sets, almost all surgery and cancer treatment in thedeveloped world relies on it.Volume visualization techniques includesiso-surface visualization, mesh visualization and point cloud visualizationtechniques, these techniques have revolutionized medicine. Much of modernmedicine relies on the 3D imaging that is possible with magnetic resonanceimaging (MRI) scanners, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)scanners,positron emission tomography (PET) scanners, ultrasound imaging (US) scanners,X-Ray scanners, bio-marker microscopy imaging scanners and computed tomography(CT) scanners, which make 3D images out of 2D slices. The primary goal of thisreport is the application-oriented optimization of existing volume renderingmethods providing interactive frame rates. Techniques are presented fortraditional alpha-blending rendering, surface-shaded display, maximum intensityprojection (MIP), and fast previewing with fully interactive parameter control.Different preprocessing strategies are proposed for interactive iso-surfacerendering and fast previewing, such as the well-known marching cube algorithm.

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